Is The White House Right About Alternative Energy!?

Here's what's on "The Tom Sullivan Show" today:

Energy Epiphany!?

Has President Obama finally seen the light on drilling? The President has quietly announced steps to open up more drilling in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. But is Obama's plan enough to bring down gas prices? PLUS: A report suggests that the world is in fact running out of oil. So, has the White House been right all along? Is now the time to invest in alternative energy?

Are You Scared Of The Dark?

If the world ending on Saturday wasn't bad enough news, now one of smartest people on the planet is saying heaven is nothing more than a 'fairy story' and for those who are scared of the dark. But does famed scientist Stephen Hawking have it all wrong when it comes to the afterlife? Tom talks Armageddon, death and faith. Then, If a doctor could tell you when you were going to die, would you want to know?

Mississippi Rising

The Mississippi river is wreaking havoc, but should the government be picking and choosing which area's get flooded and which neighborhoods get spared?