Tom’s InBox 05-16-11

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Over 40% of social security recipients are not retired. If the recipients were only retired folks there would be no problem. Quite planning retired people blame Washington for misappropriating our retirement funds.



Tom -

Geez - a huge number of families are in trouble, no jobs and underwater on their homes. What makes the government think it should escape the same pain?

Heck, cut federal salaries 20% across the board, start selling oil leases, and get business working again. That would mean DOING something, not a likely choice for Professor Obama. He'll be naming a study group soon.

Sorry to be so cynical on a Monday. Cathleen



My friends on the left say "The economy is our generation's chance to demonstrate a unified sacrifice." Really? The same folks on the left follow that sentence up with:

"We should raise taxes on the rich, they can afford it."

Until we ALL sacrifice, get a fair tax approach to 'revenue' generation, cut the countless, wasteful layers of government, and start to wean people off the government gravy train, this country will continue its free-fall.

Entitlements have ruined this once great country.




Since Donald Trump has decided not to run for president, maybe he can be considered for a cabinet position, such as Securitary of Treasure. He would be a good fit.




Newt Gingrich is like one of those creative employees that every large corporation has who is very smart and has great ideas. The type of person they keep in a back room away from customers because he has no social skills. I like many of Newt's ideas but will never vote for him.