Debt Ceiling “PANIC”!: Time To Raise it?

    Today On The Tom Sullivan Show ...

"Crunch Time!?"

After months of chatter and speculation, the US has finally hit the debt ceiling. So, is it time to panic? Not yet. Most in Washington assume a debt limit deal will be reached, but the question is over what strings - if any - will be attached. But are the Republicans making a mistake by giving in and raising the limit? And what strings should be attached? Tom explains what hitting the debt ceiling really means for our economy and you ..

PLUS: Speaker Boehner says tax increases are 'off the table.' But some prominent Republicans are now reportedly open to 'revenue increases' if it means shrinking our massive debt. Just months after their big Election Day win, is the rejuvenated and fiscally conservative GOP already starting to crack?


Newt Gingrich ruffled some feathers over the weekend when he slammed Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan and restated his support for a health care mandate. Did the former Speaker just end all his Presidential hopes or is he politically savvy to distance himself from Paul Ryan's bold and controversial ideas for Medicare reform? And with Huckabee out and Romney tainted by RomneyCare, did Newt's bold comments also help ensure an Obama reelection?

Energy Epiphany!

Has President Obama finally seen the light on drilling? This weekend, he quietly announced steps to open up more drilling in Alaska, the south Atlantic and the Gulf. But is Obama's plan enough to bring down gas prices? And are his continued call for more 'green energy' funding worth the cost?

PLUS: The Mississippi river continues to wreak havoc. But should the government be picking and choosing which area's get flooded and which neighborhoods get spared?