A Pennsylvania elementary school is being criticized for making a fifth-grade boy wash off his patriotic face paint that marked the death of Usama bin Laden.

"We decided to paint an American flag on his face, USA on one cheek, an American flag on the other," said Jennifer Tressler. She said her son Connor had no idea that the patriotic display would cause trouble --- but it did.

Connor was sent to the principal's office at Middle Paxton Elementary School where he was told that he had violated school rules.

Tressler said Connor was told to remove the body art from his cheeks. She said the principal gave her the option of having Connor wash the paint off his face.

She refused and decided to take him out of class for the day.

The school district released a statement that said they don't allow any face painting and that the boy's artwork was disruptive.

"As part of their dress code and grooming, they must adhere to a scholastic atmosphere, and the face paint was causing a distraction within the school," Central Dauphin School District spokesperson Shannon Leib told the Associated Press.

Tressler disputes that allegation.

"Other kids in the class thought it was great. The teacher from what I hear also didn't have a problem with it."

The school district also said it was not their decision to remove from the school.

"It was his mother's decision to remove him," The statement read.