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With news coming late Sunday night on the death of Bin-Laden...

People want to know...

"Has the President - did he handle this situation and everything post death the correct way in your estimation?"

"I do believe that he's done a good job, not just with the mission itself - in taking the risk and managing it well, but also afterward. I think he expressed that we as a nation learned from some our mistakes of the past, and he's been very cognicent of that fact and trying to deal very carefully with some of the sensitive issues associated with culture and with the various religions around the world that are effected by the death of Usama Bin-Laden."

That was Michael Barnes, who's a Political Policy Advisor at DCBA Policy and Law... Speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI.

Bin-Laden - killed on Sunday - by a CIA led Navy SEAL team...

Even the former Chief of the CIA's Bin-Laden Unit - Michael Scheuer was surprised that we FINALLY got him:

"I have to admit I thought he might die of old age before we got him. But I'm delighted that we finally did. I think he's alive for so long simply because we didn't put enough personell and resources into Afghanistan."

WREC in Memphis was just one of a slew of our affiliates who got to spend some time with Scheuer...

Bin-Laden - FINALLY found - 9 1/2 years after the the attacks that shook our nation on 9/11.

... he was "hiding" in a mansion - in Pakistan:

"They're honked off about our drone strikes, and they're still complaining about those. Now all of a sudden we did a military operation on their land, and we didn't tell them..." Mike, what happens next with Pakistan?

"I think it was the correct decision not to tell them, and I hope what it is is that America's beginning to find out - or atleast our government is beginning to find out that if we have to do something protect the United States we have to do it ourselves... that no one else is going to do it. For a long time we've had leaders in both parties who think that other countries interests are the same as ours, and that's not the case."

I don't think we've seen the end of terrorism...

...and I think that Seth Cropsey put it best to Jimmy Cefalo at WIOD, when he said:

"It's good that the mastermind and the leading figure is gone. It's good that after years the United States Intelligence services and military were able to get rid of him. But anybody who thinks that this is the end of jihadists or the war against terror is mistaken."

Cropsey is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and Former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.