After Complaining About Too Much Government, Texas Governor Perry Upset Feds Don’t Do Enough For Him

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has continually railed against the federal government intervening in his state, is now railing against President Obama for not intervening in his state.  Perry, who balanced his budget thanks to the stimulus plan, is now whining that the federal government needs to do more.  Perry made a tax day video urging people to support the anti-government tea partiers.  Now he is begging for more federal attention because of wildfires, upset that the president focused his attention on Alabama.

"When you turn on the news channels and you see hundreds of thousands of Texas acres burning, you know that in short notice there's going to be emergency declarations. It starts with the counties and it comes to us and we put in. We've done that now a couple of weeks ago. Still no response though from this administration. It's always frustrating. There's a point in time when you say, ‘Hey, what's going on here? Why are you taking care of Alabama? Why are you taking care of other states and for some reason or another. . .the letter didn't get lost in the mail," Perry said.

And who can forget that it was Perry who gave further aid and comfort to tea partiers by suggesting Texas may want to secede from the union.

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