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Well... it's official.

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

Alastair Wanklyn was just ONE of our reporters covering the nuptuals this morning... he dropped in with JT and Lana at KTRH in Houston, and had this to say:

"William and Kate - now man and wife. They're likely Britain's future King and Queen. And I think other people here enjoyed seeing that, and enjoyed seeing them up close, also enjoyed the incredible pageantry that Britain does so well. Then there's the Soldiers, Policemen, and the Sailors here, dressed in ceremonial uniforms which date back generations, in some cases centuries. It's something which Britain is very proud of - it's long history - it's heritage, and it's very seldom you get a chance to roll all of that out here, but today was one such occasion."

About a billion people watched the ceremony this morning - world wide.

Buzzing on...

Southern states - battered from storms...

The scene in Alabama:

"People are just walking up and down the streets surveying the damage. Many folks just don't have any place to go - so that's all they can do is just walk."

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes - speaking with Ed and Amy at KFBK in Sacramento, CA.

The President touring the storm battered area - earlier this morning...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.