The aftermath of the deadliest tornadoes, still fresh across the southern U.S.

Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports from Concord, AL:

President Obama toured the devastation in Alabama on Friday and spoke briefly afterwards describing what he saw.

Listen HERE to his comments:

This is last Friday's cover of a local paper in Birmingham, Alabama.  The headline says it all.

Here's FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes with a first hand look at the destruction in Concord, Alabama.



After being devastated by twisters and tornadoes last week, Alabama's Governor is seeking heavenly help.

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes has the story:


College students found the front of their apartment building ripped off, exposing the interior of the entire building.

For them, the clean up began, as they tossed furniture from their 2nd floor apartment into a truck bed below...

Still in Tuscaloosa, 2 teenage boys comandeered a 4-wheeler.

But you can forgive them for that, as they drove around the city, offering people free bottles of water...