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Buyer beware...

Big brother... er... Apple ---- is watching you.

Security researchers finding that iPhone and iPad operating systems actually keep a log - of everywhere you go.

"There's a give and take -- there's security and there's privacy, and this is at some point going to end up in court."

"Which one's more important?"

"That's for the consumers to decide."

That was Cyber Terrorism Analyst Morgan Wright - speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio, TX.

The operating system - records both the location and the time you were there!

So much for being off the grid...

Buzzing right along...

New airline regulations being announced by federal officials.

"They are making the airlines disclose their fees - for anything they have charged for. Whether it's a pillow - peanuts - you know, changing your ticket. Absolutely anything - they have to provide that list of charges that they're doing."

Travel Agent Dena McDonald - speaking with Jack and Ted at 970 WFLA in Tampa, FL.


According to McDonald:

"They also have it - where - if you are bumped from a flight - that your compensation has gone up to anywhere from $650 to $1350 per person - for being bumped from the flight."

Most of the new rules - are scheduled to kick-in in August.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.