[Video] Demagogue!

Demagogue! President Obama is framing his Town Hall Re-Election Speeches by touting a "plan" that doesn't exist, ignoring Standard and Poors warming, mentioning his Deficit Commission that he ignored and spending most of his time railing AGAINST spending cuts! Is the President really serious about cutting the deficit? Gibson examines.

Establishment! An internecine skirmish is breaking out on the Right as "Establishment Republican" pundits and hosts are saying "Fringe" candidates like Palin, Bachmann and Trump are "taking the oxygen out of the room" for "serious candidates." Are they right? Gibson looks.

Plus: McCain gives Brewer Kudos for Vetoing "Birther Bill" in Arizona, Trump is a Liberal, Obama blames High Gas Prices on Speculators and not his obsession with Switch grass and Wood Pulp, MSM pushing line that High Gas Prices are Good for America and ready for the "Mileage Tax"?