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At least 45 people are dead - after a series of deadly storms battered the south.

Dave Schrader - spokesman for the Red Cross - spent some time this morning with Forrest at WERC in Birmingham, AL.

Dave - what can people do to help at this point?

"Go to - donations are really the best thing people can do - there's a place to donate there. They can text a ten dollar donation to Red Cross at 90999 - or they can just call 1 800 Red Cross - and the money will go to help folks who've been - help Red Cross - help people who have been hurt or effected by disasters."

Sixty two tornadoes were reported in just North Carolina alone!

With more than 240 tornadoes in total -- being reported -- as the storm system left a devistating path from Oklahoma - to Virginia and the Carolinas.

As we buzz on...

The Treasury Department on the defensive about the country's financial outlook.

This following Standard and Poor's rating service putting America on notice about the risk posed by the growing deficit.

Warning that S&P may be compelled to lower - the country's rating if Congress can't reach a budget deal.

"Nicole Genlias joins us - she's a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute - she also contributes to the City Journal - with us on KOGO. Let me ask you a question when you heard Standard and Poors rating service there's two reactions. One was oh my God - the other was good - because we need a wake-up call. Are you in the latter there?"

That was Chip franklin from affiliate KOGO in San Diego, CA.

"First of all you're right - that we do need a wake-up call. But I'm not sure that this - it's hard for people to say - oh S&P says we should do particular things because they have a long history of rating state and local debt and when they do they are just as satisfied with tax increases as they are with spending cuts."

The Administration yesterday disputed the warning from S&P saying that Congressional negotiators are - indeed ready to bridge their differences.

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