The New York Dept. of Health is considering a plan to label games likes kickball, whiffleball, tag and horseshoes as dangerous to children - and any day camp that offered those activities would require local and state regulation.

New York State Sen. Patty Ritchie said it's the most ridiculous law she's ever heard.

"Once again, it's a knee-jerk reaction," Ritchie told the Poughkeepsie Journal disputing the notion that the games are dangerous and "pose a significant risk of injury" to kids.

"I'm just trying to save summer," Ritchie said. "This has been a really tough winter. People have been inside, and now when it's time kids should be outdoors being active and participating in some sort of sports activities, we are doing the exact opposite.

New York has a new law on the book, that took effect in April, that requires increased government oversight of indoor day camps.

A spokesperson for the New York Dept. of Health said the list of activities is only advisory and is meant to help towns.

"It's only for guidance," said Diane Mathis, noting that the NY Camp Directors Association supports the law, along with a number of local health departments.

However, camps that may be exclusively focused on a single sport, like gymnastics, may need state permits to participate in other athletic activities.

Many parents believe the state is going too far and wonder what else might be considered dangerous. Kimberly Baxter, has a one year old daughter. She remembers playing freeze tag as a child.

"I never got hurt, maybe scraped my knee once in a while but that was it," Baxter told the New York Daily News.