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It’s April 18th —-  and it’s Tax Day?

…I bet you’re saying to yourself right now – isn’t that normally on the 15th?

Millions of procrastinators will be scrambling to meet tonight’s deadline… A lot of them – filing extensions.


“Well, remember when you file for an extension – it’s just an extension of time to file – not an extension to pay.”

That was Experienced Former Tax Practitioner David Selig of speaking with Charlie and Charity at WOAI in San Antonio, TX.

The three extra days – a gift of sorts – thanks to the Nation’s Capitol – which observed Emancipation Day – on Tax Day -Friday.

The deadline to file – midnight – tonight.

Buzzing right along…

The tax deadline was probably the last thing on the minds of folks in the South who were battered by storms over the weekend.

“More than 240 tornadoes fell from OK to VA and the Carolinas.”

That was Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes – speaking with Tony at WILS in Lansing, MI.

Forty five people were left dead in the storm’s wake.

“But there’s an amazing story out of Sanford, NC – there was a Lowes there – a home improvement store – and the manager apparently heard the tornado warnings – was able to get all the customers into the back part of the store –  the safest part of the store – the images of that Lowes are just incredible – it was destroyed. But believe it or not – everybody got out of that store alive.”

I’m Jessica Curtis – and that’s your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.