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To raise … or not raise… the debt ceiling…

As a Senator in 2006 – Obama voted against raising it… but now…

Press Secretary Jay Carney says the President views his vote as a mistake…

And now – the Obama Administration is asking Congress to raise it…by next month.

“If the United States does not raise the debt ceiling – that is – it’s statutory limit on borrowing – it would default on it’s obligations starting in late may or early June.”

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum – speaking with Tony at WHAS.

Worst case scenario – if the ceiling isn’t raised – what could happen?

“There would be a financial crisis that would tank the stock markets – interest rates would rise everywhere in the world – there would be a renewed kind of inflation – a kind of financial warfare – an attack on all of us would be created if the U.S. actually defaulted.”

We may end up seeing another stand off on Capitol Hill – with Republicans warning they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling – unless they see genuine efforts to reduce the deficit.

Buzzing on…

A Federal Appeals Court in Arizona – refusing – to lift a stay blocking major parts of a hotly contested – state immigration law.

The law – would require law enforcement to check immigration status – when enforcing other laws.

“Arizona’s law just basically verbatum restated the federal law. If you’re in the United States and you’re not a citizen – you’re required by law – since 1945 – to carry your documents – and basically thats what Arizona’s law says – and if you don’t have your documents with you then you’re in violation of federal law and Arizona’s law.”

That was Steven Camarota – Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies – speaking with Sergio at KURV in McAllen, TX.

“We’re expecting this case to go all the way to the Supreme Court – as you as well – right Steve?”

“It does seem likely that Arizona will appeal it to the Supreme Court eventually – atleast that’s what politcally they’ve said so far.”

Arizona’s Governor – Jan Brewer – in implementing the law – said that the federal government hasn’t effectively enforced immigration law – and that the state law will assist federal authorities.

I’m Jessica Curtis – and that’s your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.