The windows at hair salon on the campus of the University of Kansas were blacked out Sunday and men were not allowed inside in compliance with a "Day of Modesty" for Muslim women.

Under Islamic guidelines, Muslim women who wear a hijab are not allowed to show their hair in public. So the Salon Hawk, located inside the university's Kansas Union, decided to sponsor an event exclusively for Muslim women.

"Basically every experience I've heard from the girls has been a horror experience," Salon Hawk operator Emily Willis told "They can't just go somewhere and get their hair cut because they require privacy."

She told the newspaper the event was meant to support women whose religion and culture doesn't fit mainstream culture.

"Our goal being in the Union is to reach out to every student and give them every opportunity hair care-wise," Willis told the newspaper.

However, men were banned from the salon -- for the day.

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes: