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Your twoppic of the moment is Congrats UCONN...Connecticut wins the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, 53-41 over Butler.  The Huskies were aided by an inept Bulldogs offense that shot a record-low 18.8% in the game, scoring just once in a nearly 13-and-a-half minute stretch in the 2nd half.  Still, every dog has their day, and UCONN is due their congrats.  The final caps an 11-game winning streak which includes 5 wins in 5 days at the Big East Tournament and 6 in a row in March Madness.  NBA star @Baron_Davis is just one fan wishing UCONN well...!/Baron_Davis/status/55110003526352896

As is @kenpomeroy...!/kenpomeroy/status/55108875128541185

Your twoppic of the day is the end of the NCAA game...the annual One Shining Moment montage... After Jennifer Hudson's performance disappointed in last year's feature, CBS returned to Luther Vandross' original version this year.  To some, like @sportspickle...!/sportspickle/status/55105595547721728

and @nickynick5529...!/nickynick5529/status/55145620448624640

...One Shining Moment was the highlight of the blowout final.

Your top twoppic is Kurt Cobain...The Nirvana frontman is believed to have died 17 years ago today.  Cobain escaped from an LA detox facility on March 31, 1994 and flew to his home near Seattle, where he was seen on April 2nd and 3rd.  His body was discovered in his house on April 10th, and the medical examiner estimated that Cobain committed suicide on the 5th.  Fans across the Twitterverse are remembering the singer today, including @nietzschesource...!/NIETZSCHESOURCE/status/55145157074501633


and @richwaltersxfm...!/richwaltersxfm/status/55074118088916992

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