Maine's governor wants a pro-union mural hanging in the Labor Department's lobby to be taken down, claiming it is anti-business. Gov. Paul LePage is also renaming conference rooms that were originally named for labor organizers -- inclduing Cesar Chavez.

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

"The reality is it's a picture depicting organized labor," spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett told the Associated Press. "The Department of Labor needs to represent both job creators and workers."

Don Berry, the president of the state's AFL-CIO issued a statement accusing the governor picking a fight with Maine's working class.

"Paul LePage cannot erase our history, and he will not silence the voice of the working class in Maine," Berry said.

The conference rooms will be renamed for counties, mountains or something perceived as impartial.

At least one critic of the mural said it resembled something you might find in North Korea.