[VIDEO] Cease Fire, Civility and Welfare…Plus A Tour of the Studio!

John Gibson Program for Friday, March 18th 2011

** Spencer Hughes in for Gibson!

Cease! Muammar Gaddafi announced a "Cease Fire" this morning after the United Nations voted to enforce a No Fly Zone over Libya. Did Gaddafi blink first or is his situation really no worse than it was before the UN Voted? No boots on the ground, can still kill his opposition, is still in power. Spencer examines.

Civility! Lots of Americans on the Left and Right are marveling at the "Civility" of the Japanese people in the wake of the atrocious hand they've been dealt and saying out loud that Americans wouldn't be nearly as Civil under similar circumstances. Are they right? Plus: Brawl breaks out on NYC Subway after women takes offense to another woman eating Spaghetti on crowded train! Are we civil? Spencer looks.

Welfare! Congressional Republicans are introducing the "Welfare Reform Act of 2011" which includes much more stringent criteria to receive, among other things, "Food Stamps" whose usage has skyrocketed since the Recession. This criteria includes having to actually be working or actively trying to find a job to get the aid. Is this cruel? Spencer reacts.

Plus: Five Dollar ATM Fees to Debut, First Graders put through the ringer over One Student with Peanut Allergy and Charlie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall!