A Missouri teenager was sent to the principal's office after she wore a Christian-themed t-shirt to class. The shirt read, "Jesus, He Scares The Hell Out Of You."

Michelle Ramirez, a student at North Kirkwood Middle School, got the shirt from her church youth group. She said she's worn in a number of times without any problem. But she was pulled out of class and sent to the principal's office after someone said the word "Hell" was an offensive slang word.

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

"Outside the school environment, it might be fine," Kirkwood School District Community Relations Director Ginger Fletcher told KTVI-TV. "But anything within the school that is inappropriate, vulgar, use of language might create a disruption in the school, we'll ask the student to modify the garment."

In Michelle's case, that meant changing clothes. After a telephone conversation with her mother, the young Christian teenager decided to stand her ground.

"I told Michelle, if you feel convicted to wear the shirt, you go ahead and put it back on," Christina Ramirez told KTVI-TV.

School officials removed her from class and she was forced to complete her schoolwork apart from her classmates.

Ramirez disagrees with the school district's interpretation of the Christian-themed shirt. She said Hell is a literal place -- and it's a motivational message on the shirt.

Fletcher said the school doesn't necessarily disagree with the message -- but they questioned the meaning.

She pointed to a federal law that prohibits schools from asking students to remove religious emblems -- unless the emblem is worn in an inappropriate manner or creates a disruption within the school.