A group of Spanish-speaking customers came into the Reedy Creek Family Diner last month and caused quite a stir when they found out the wait staff only spoke English.

"They got offended because we couldn't speak any Spanish," owner Greg Simons told Fox affiliate WGHP. "They were frustrated. I was frustrated as well - and they left."

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

Simons said no one at his Lexington, NC restaurant speaks Spanish - or another other foreign language for that matter. "Unfortunately, I don't have anybody here that's bilingual."

So Simons decided to post a sign on the front door that said, "No Speak English, No Service." At the bottom of the sign, he wrote, "We only speak and understand American."

And that's when the restaurant known for its fried chicken and homemade pimento cheese stepped right into the middle of a national debate over "English-Only" policies.

Simons said he was deluged with angry email messages and phone calls. Someone threw a brick through a restaurant window. He said things became so outrageous he decided to take down the sign.

"We started getting threatening phone calls and people using colorful language," he said.

Simons believes people took the sign out of context and denied it had anything to do with race.

"Why would I want to alienate any customers?" Simons asked, arguing that it was just a communication issue.

To back up his point, he referred to the sign - which was translated not just into Spanish - but French, German and Russian, too.