At least two Jewish organizations have denounced comments a former National Public Radio executive made and one is calling for contributors to stop sending money to the radio network.

Morton Klein, the head of the pro-Israel Zionist Organization of America, called the comments made by Schiller anti-Semitic - and said the video might explain "at least some of the biased anti-Israel coverage which appears in NPR."

"We call on all decent people, especially American Jews, to stop contributing to NPR," Klein said in a statement posted on the ZOA website. "The video evidence demonstrates conclusively that he agreed with and did not challenge crudely anti-Semitic observations put to him about Jewish and Zionist control of the media - a pernicious and also absurd idea, given the harsh and biased coverage which has been Israel's lot for decades."

But Klein also took issue with NPR agreeing to meeting with an organization that purported to align itself with the Muslim Brotherhood.

He said the video demonstrated NPR had no problem "being perceived as a vehicle for Palestinian propaganda and being more pro-Palestinian than even the rest of the liberal media."

The Anti-Defamation League also weighed in on the controversy. They released a statement to Fox News Radio that called the statements "offensive" and urged Ron Schiller to apologize.

"No matter the circumstances, raising false stereotypes about Jewish control of the media is dangerous and inappropriate," the statement said.

The Jewish groups are upset over comments made by Ron Schiller, NPR's former vice president of development. Schiller was recorded by a hidden-video saying that Jews control the media. Schiller and another NPR worker were also caught laughing at a quip about NPR standing for "National Palestine Radio."

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes: