TOM’S INBOX 3-8-11

Unlike PBS/NPR etc, at least Planned Parenthood provides a needed human service, beyond the abortions or safe sex viewpoints they do provide a service to young women. Now I can't say that I agree with their public funding but I at least wanted to voice my opinion on the difference between them and the two aforementioned networks... Mike
Looks to me we have a a simple choice when we hear a liberal call Tea Party members racist. We can see them as either  stupid and  uninformed, or they are using their usual tactic of name calling to degrade their opponent.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Yappy


Forget where I saw the video, but what was very interesting to me was the comments that people were making about it. About 1/2 of the people commenting were saying essentially that they agreed with everything the two NPR executives were saying.... so what were the racist right wingers getting upset about. bob