Carole Hankin, the superintendent of the Syosset Central School District, earns $506,322 a year - more than the President of the United States. Her salary, paid for by taxpayers, is compensation for running a tiny school district comprised of 10 schools and 6,687 students.

Hankin's total compensation package makes here the highest paid school superintendent in New York. By comparison, the head of New York City's school system, with more than one million students, only makes $250,000 a year - plus benefits.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to put a cap on extravagant school superintendent salaries. He's pushing legislation that would cap superintendent pay outside New York City at $179,000.

That move has sparked outrage among union leaders - especially in Syosset.

"Why is he treating her with the disrespect one would expect from an attorney general to an evil-doer, instead of the respect due to a valued public servant?" union president Jeffrey Rozran told the New York Post.

Rozran teaches English in the Syosset school district. He makes $129,818.

According to the Post, Hankin's top assistants make $382,383 and $238,221. As many as 37 other administrators take home as much as $201,000 in salaries. One gym teacher, the Post reported, hauled in $145,000.

And all of it is paid for by taxpayers - mostly through massive property taxes. A $962,000 home - would generate more than $23,000 in taxes. And many residents and taxpayer said they are fed up.

"It's outrageous," one parent told the Post. "My husband and I are physicians, and we can't afford this lifestyle anymore. We're thinking of selling the house." "Her salary is way, way out of whack," resident Malvin Tarkin said of Hankin. "She lives like a queen."

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