Maine's Bowdoin College is under fire for a mandatory "Meatless Monday" in the schools' dining halls. Instead of cheeseburgers and friend chicken, students are offered stir-fry tofu and vegetables.

"Meatless Monday" is sponsored by the Bowdoin College Democrats as a way to promote healthy eating. The Democrats also believe that eating fewer animals will help the environment. And there's talk that "Meatless Monday" could become permanent.

However, some students were outraged over the mandatory meal.

"Raising awareness for a cause is one thing, but to have a vocal minority impose its will onto the rest of us and then attempt to stifle dissent is outrageous," wrote Sam Landis in an email to the Bowdoin Orient newspaper.

Landis and another student organized a counter-protest. They gave away free McDonald's double cheeseburgers to anyone who agreed to donate to the Coastal Humane Society.

He said posters promoting their event were torn down and destroyed.

Other students protested by hauling around buckets of KFC and at least one group held a barbecue.

The college said the "Meatless Monday" was well-received by students, but acknowledged a drop in the number of diners. They predicted future meatless days in the future.

However, The Bowdoin Orient said Jack Magee's Pub reported brisk business -- and better-than-normal sales.

Their Monday night special? A bacon cheeseburger.

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