New Jersey's largest university is going gender-neutral in a bid to make the campus more inclusive for homosexual students.

Starting in the fall, gay, lesbian and transgender students will be allowed to choose either male or female roommates at Rutgers University.

Male and female students will also share the same bathrooms and shower facilities. The gender-neutral showers will include latched doors instead of shower curtains.

However, a Rutgers University spokesman told Fox News Radio that students of the opposite sex would not be forced to use the same-sex showers and traditional facilities would also be made available.

The university said the pilot program was created at the request of gay students who objected to rules that required undergraduates to choose roommates of the same sex.

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

"They explained to me how difficult it is to find an accepting roommate," Joan Carbone, the executive director of residence life at Rutgers told

Steven Goldstein, head of Garden State Equality, told The Star-Ledger that he supported the new policy - but said more needs to be done to protect homosexuals.

"Our experience is that students get bullied both by students of the same gender and the opposite gender, so integrated housing may be a step. But it's not nearly enough and cannot substitute for more comprehensive anti-bullying policy."

Rutgers came under fire last year following the death of freshman Tyler Clementi. He killed himself days after his male roommate allegedly filmed an encounter between Clementi and a male companion.

The university said heterosexual students will also be permitted to live in rooms with students of the opposite sex.

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