A Wisconsin Republican lawmaker was chased around the capitol building and surrounded by an angry crowd of protestors in what eyewitnesses described as a traumatic and scary incident.

Sen. Glenn Grothman told Fox News Radio he was trying to get inside the capitol building when he was confronted by the protestors. The entire incident was captured on video and posted on You Tube.

"To be honest, I've walked through that crowd many times and never really had a problem until now," he said. "But some of those people looked deranged."

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

At one point Grothman and an aide were totally surrounded by nearly 200 protestors. They were screaming and jostling with the lawmaker - but he was not injured.

"You've got some angry people and some really weird, super angry people and there is more of a concern when you have those people in a crowd," he said.

The Capital Times reported that several protestors were pushed and shoved into doors as the crowd surged toward the lawmaker.

"I'm sure it was very traumatic for Senator Grothman," eyewitness Tony Castaneda told the newspaper. "They were right in his face."

There were no police officers visible in the video footage - but a Democratic colleague saw what was happening and came to Grothman's rescue.

Rep. Brett Hulsey used a bullhorn to address the crowd.

"This is a peaceful protest," reported the Times. "You need to back away."

Several firefighters eventually helped Grothman and his aide into the building through an underground entrance.

Grothman said he was not bothered in the least by the incident and never considered himself in danger.

"I certainly wasn't hurt," he said. "I got jostled a little bit. I could've fought my way through them, but I didn't."

He said for the most part the protestors are good people - but he took issue with the ones brought in by the unions - calling them "thug types."

"I'm not afraid of a bunch of 20-something liberals," he said.