Police in Villa Rica, Ga. shut down a local Girl Scout troop's cookie sale because the children did not have a permit.

"I was behind the table helping a few customers and the police showed up," said Breigh Anne Singleton. "I thought he was a customer."

He wasn't.

The officer promptly informed the troop that they were breaking the law. He said the girls did not have a permit and they were selling too close to the road.

"My sister came up and said we were in big trouble," she said.

The girls were told to turn away their customers and pack up their contraband products - the Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas.

Troop leader Kathy Crook was told to go to the police station - leading the girls to think their leader was being hauled off to jail. Parents of the scouts were pretty upset - and said their daughters were scared.

That's when the mayor and police chief got involved - and affirmed their support of the scouts.

"We're all about Girl Scouts," said Police Chief Michael Mansour. "This is just (an) ordinance we have to enforce and protect you all from being hurt."

The Girl Scouts now have their permit.

Listen to this report from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes:

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