[Video] Busting!

Busting! The American Labor movement, the Left and the Liberal Media are accusing Republicans of engaging in conspiracy to "bust" Public Sector Employee Unions, as Union tumult spreads to other states. Gibson speaks with William McGurn, former Chief Editorial Writer for the WSJ. Plus: Far Left Talker says "end of Public Unions means end of Democracy!"

Narratives! One of the new narratives emerging from the failing effort to stave off the neutering of Public Unions is "the rich" and "business" need to "share the sacrifice" (see pay more taxes) instead of just the "workin' man" bearing the brunt. Scott Walker and Gibson reject that.

Toothless! Dressed in a Tan Suede Jumper today, Insane Dictator Moammar Khaddafy took time from strafing his own people with cannon fire, to deliver a rambling screed of defiance, pledging not to leave. Why isn't the United States providing more military and rhetorical cover to the people trying overthrow this madman? Gibson speaks with Fox News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters.