So long Hosni! Mubarak is out of office, to the great delight of millions of Egyptians and the great relief of one American President, Barack Obama.


Obama was so anxious to take a bow for bringing democracy to Egypt that he got out in front of the story, all but declared Hosni gone, had his CIA director predict Hosni's resignation, and then stood in front of the tv mouth agape as Mubarak refused to go.


In the end, the people of Egypt saved face for Obama by coming to the streets in the millions and convincing the Egyptian army it had to tell Hosni it was over.


I know the United States has a special place in the world, but did you notice any other world leader getting so far out in front as Barack Obama? I don't think you did, and there is a reason. In situations like this national power is best exercised behind closed doors and not in Presidential public statements.

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