[Video] Bye Bye Bathtub Boy!

SOTU! The Liberal Media spent this weekend wondering if President Obama will "move to the Middle" in his State of the Union Speech. Several say he already has. Former Bush advisor Karen Hughes remarked that President Obama's first Two Years were "him" and these next two years he will become whatever is required to win in 2012.....namely, "become a Republican." Gibson examines.

Date Night! At the State of the Union, what's the takeaway from this move to have Democrats and Republicans "sit together" to "unite" after the Arizona Shootings (that didn't have anything to do with Politics.) One anchor said anyone opposed to the idea, was a "jackass." What is Gibson?

2012! With President Obama rising in the polls as he rhetorically embraces Republican Ideals, will the chances to beat him be "more difficult than anyone is saying" as Governor Mike Huckabee contends? Gibson looks. Plus: Romney wins his virtual Home State Straw Poll but will Tea Party forgive RomneyCare?

Plus: So Long Dear Moonbat, Oprah's Big Secret aka Please watch my Cable Network and Aren't Birthers a little Crazy, Eric Cantor??