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Jared Loughner - appearing in Court today in Phoenix.

Loughner - accused of the deadly shooting spree in Tucson AZ - which left six dead and a Congresswoman fighting for her life after being shot in the head from point blank range.

Why's the hearing being held in Phoenix - and not Tucson?

Attorney Rob Romano spoke with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio and had the answer to that question, and more:

"It doesn't seem like he'd be getting a fair shot in that city. You want to - its too tense there - the emotions are running high so they moved it over to Phoenix."

So Rob - does this suggest we'll see a motion for a change of venue?

"Probably - I think the defense is going to move to a change of venue - possibly to a different state in the future."

Buzzing right along...

Bankruptcy --- for States???

Policymakers - trying to decide if it might be possible to ALLOW states to go bankrupt - in order to free themselves from crippling debts.

Is there a downside to a GM Style bailout to States in financial crisis?

"You know - we're looking at - you know possibly destabilizing the municipal bond market - you know - when state bankruptcy is talked about - you know I think personally one of the largest purchasers of bonds are institutional investors - specifically insurance companys - so peoples car insurance may possibly rise in premiums - or life insurance may be rising in premiums - so there's a huge ripple effect when it comes to the bond market."

As it stands now under Federal law - States are NOT allowed to go bankrupt.

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