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Two men - in their 20s - face charges of fraud and conspiracy.

Federal prosecutors making the announcement yesterday that the two had been arrested.

What happened?

"Yeah - so back in June - a couple of 20 somethings attacked AT&T's website. They created a script - a penetration testing tool - and they found vulnerability."

Identity Theft Expert Robert Siciliano - speaking with Forrest Goodman at WREC in Memphis, TN...

The two are accused of stealing email addresses and other information - from upwards of 100,000 Apple iPad users. What were they planning on doing with the information they collected?

"They conspired to sell the data to spammers or use the information to sell iPad accessories and ultimately they contacted the media to make them aware as well."

AT&T acknowledged the security weak spot - in June.

Buzzing right along...

China's President - visiting Washington.

Derek Scissors - Research Fellow in the Asian Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation - spent some time this morning with Chris Baker at KTLK Minneapolis:

<CHRIS BAKER KTLK> "My take from all this - is that it reminds me of when a rich relative comes to town and everyone is sucking up because they want to borrow money. Do you get the sense of that mood in Washington, right now?"

<DEREK SCISSORS> "Well, I mean there's a lot going on in the US China relationship. So you've got a little bit of that, you've got a little bit of unhappiness over trade, you've got wanting to work together on Iran - it's a very complicated relationship and that's part of it. And we can address that part by fixing our own house. And there are also things that we want from the Chinese and things that we're threatening them with. Because after all the money that China buys our bonds with is actually our money that they getfrom our trade surplus with us."

Is China trying to send us a message?

"Oh I definitely think they are trying to send us a message. I mean - China wants to be the dominant power in Asia. That's been the United States for decades. They want to replace us. They don't want to do it by war - they want to do it peacefully. They want us to recognize that they're in charge there and that's that. So this is part of the process, it's going to take a while, but this is part of that process - showing that they have the ability to be a strong military power and not leaving the field entirely to us - which is what has been the case for a while now."

In their first moments together, President Obama greeted President Hu Jintao - and stressed the need for the observation of universal human rights by all nations.President Jintao's response - called for both the US and China to respect each other's core interests.

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