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It's a long - but remarkable road to recovery for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords...

"Yeah - it's really nothing short of a miracle. She's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. She had a couple procedures done - a breathing tube moved from mouth to her throat. A seperate feeding tube shifted from her nose to her stomach - essentially both to reduce the risk of infections. But she also had a surgery performed to her eye socket - they - doctors removed some bone fragments to relieve some pressure there. But - none the less - I mean everything has been going smoothly and she's been recovering very well.

Fox's Jeff Monosso this morning speaking with Rich Jones at WOKV in Jacksonville, FL.

Giffords husband - Astronaut Mark Kelly - telling ABC news that his wife - though still not talking - is smiling, and seems aware of where she is, and recognizes him.

...and while Congresswoman Giffords continues her amazing recovery...

House Republicans - today - slated to begin debate on the repeal of President Obama's healthcare law.

Fox's Todd Starnes spent time this morning with Jamie Allman at KFTK in St. Louis, MO.

"You are right - that as we move forward it's only going to become a bigger issue. The question here today is - how many Democrats will join the Republicans in the vote against - in the vote to repeal the law. I think we're going to see about a dozen or so - of these Blue Dogs - the remnant of the Blue Dog Democrats - that coalition - I think they're going to use this vote to save their skin for 2012."

A vote on the repeal expected to happen later this week.

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