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Out with the old... in with the new...chairman - that is... of the Republican National Committee...

Rience Priebus - well known within Wisconsin - lead through SEVEN rounds of voting.

"I think the quiet competance of Mr. Priebus is what -  and his ability to get along well with the resurgent Tea Party

element of the Republican party were the two reasons I think he finally was able to win. The question is - is he so low a

profile fellow that he may not be able to instill the kind of confidence in donors the Republican National Committee

needs - that is the question that's at hand."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with Helen Glover at WHJJ in Providence, RI.

Five people - including the parties previous Chair - Michael Steele - competed for the job.

Mr. Steele, bowed out after the fourth round...

Buzzing right along...

BP - in the news once again...

This time - announcing a share swap deal with Russian owned oil company Rosneft.

What does this mean for the rest of the oil industry?

"I mean - there are a couple things about it. The one thing is - in terms of in the short term and what effect it's going to

have on the oil market - probably not a big one because it's not going to be until 5 years until probably the first oil well

is drilled - and its not really going to be until 10 or 15 years until commercial production comes on line. But I think it is

potentially an illustration of where the industry is going to be going - where big companys like BP are looking for places

to get oil reserves and the places they are going to have to go are places like Russia."

That was Craig Pirrong - Professor and Director of Energy Markets for The Global Energy Management Institute - at the

University of Houston - speaking to Peter Bolger at WOAI in San Antonio.

According to Pirrong - in the swap:

"BP gets about 9% ownership of Rosneft - Rosneft gets about 5% ownership of BP. And they also agreed - and this is

probably the most important part of the deal - to engage in exploration and production in the Russian Arctic."

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.