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Picking up the pieces in Arizona.

The victims killed during Saturday's shooting spree - being laid to rest - one by one.

The first - 9 year old - Christina Taylor Green - buried yesterday.

"Yeah - it was pretty moving and incredibly emotional for a lot of folks here. I mean - this whole situation was sad - but she was the youngest of the victims and also had what seemed to be such a promising future."

That was Fox News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal who's on the ground in Tucson - speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio.

Rosenthal continued:

"So people - hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects to her - we imagine hundreds more will show up today for Federal Judge John Roll as well."

And as final respects are paid to Judge roll - and the remainder of those killed - the focus will shift to the stories of the survivors.

Author and Award winning Reporter Ron Franscell spent some time with Scott Fitzgerald at WERC in Birmingham, AL... about the survivors...

"When they can sleep - they are going to suffer intense nightmares - they're going to be vivid nightmares - and it's going to be for years."

Do they blame themselves?

"Yes - they will - they will question their choices. They will question those little innocuous choices. They'll wonder what they could have done differently that might have saved themselves or others. They're going to question their own actions even though they did nothing - NOTHING - to deserve this."

The survivors have a tough road ahead of them... but with the support of our great Nation behind them - maybe they'll get the help and support they need to get through this tragedy.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.