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A memorial service last night - held at the University of Arizona in honor of the victims of last Saturday's shooting spree that killed 14 and left 6 wounded.

Among those in attendance - the President and First Lady.

The President spoke... amidst several standing ovations and much applause from a packed house of about 13,000 people.

What did people think of the speech? Was the fanfare over the top?

"I know some people thought that the applause was a good thing at the speech. I was one of those who thought it was a little bit uncomfortable watching. I obviously was not in Tucson - was watching on television - but I also heard from people who were out in Tucson kind of scratching their heads at the atmosphere there, and also people back here in DC."

That was Jordan Fabian - speaking with Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego. Fabian is a Political Reporter for the Hill newspaper.

Tone down the political rhetoric. That was the message from President Obama.

Will that actually happen?

"If it does - I think it will in the next few weeks and months adn that it will be very temporary. Then we'll be going back to some of the heated rhetoric that we're talking about right now. I do think members of Congress they really are affected when things happen to them personally just like any of us are.

That was Susan Crabtree - Senior Editor at The Hill newspaper speaking with Lana Hughes and JP Prichert at KTRH in Houston.

We'll have to wait and see - if the political rhetoric tied to this tragedy continues - or if people actually do take heed to the message - and quell the tones...

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.