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In the wake of a tragic shooting in Tucson AZ.

Six killed. Many others wounded. Including a United States Congresswoman:

"Yeah, Jimmy. Gabrielle Giffords is still in critical condition. Doctors this morning said that - you know - that she's approaching the 48 hour mark. Which is a good thing. And it's remarkable that she's been able to survive that shooting. But the 48 hour mark is somewhere where Doctors say - if she hits that - then the prognosis is good. But look - she's responding and she's still in critical condition, but she's doing remarkably well - and its a miracle that she's even alive."

That was Fox's Jeff Monosso - from Tucson, AZ - speaking with Jimmy Barrett at Fox Affiliate WRVA in Richmond, VA.

Fox's Rich Johnson - also on the ground in Tucson - spent time with Helen Glover at WHJJ in Providence, RI:

HELEN GLOVER WHJJ: "So many people say they saw a potential for danger in this guy - and yet - as we always hear - after these things happen - nothing was done."

RICH JOHNSON FNR: "Well - that's the American way - and I mean that sincerely in that you can't be arrested for potential - you have to actually do something. And it wasn't until this guy did something - like was too much of a distraction in his class in community college - that he was tossed out. And he was under the radar - until just a few months ago - when he got a little too rambunxious and was sighted a couple of times, but again nothing like this."

The shooter - 22 year old Jared Lee Loughner - described as a "social outcast" faces a Federal Court hearing on charges he tried to assassinate Congresswoman Giffords - and kill others in the rampage.

"People are not doing what they normally do. It is not politics as usual here. Although there is an undercurrent here that could become much more of a public debate. Whether the harsher language that is used by on the extremes of the political left, and the political right - whether those may be in part to blame for a deranged man attacking a member of Congress."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with Abdul at WXNT in Indianapolis.

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