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The 112th Congress convenes today.

And with that - enters the new Republican Majority.

<CHIP FRANKLIN KOGO> :"It's gotta be hard - for Pelosi - to be there today raising her right hand and realizing that she's going to be in the minority position after 4 years of just like sticking it to Republicans - and taking that high ground. How are Democrats taking it today?"

That was Chip Franklin - from Fox Affiliate KOGO - San Diego, CA - during his conversation this morning with Political Reporter for The Hill Newspaper Russell Berman.

Berman's answer?

<RUSSELL BERMAN> :"Well - I think the ones that are remaining are OK. Nancy Pelosi - you mentioned - I mean she had her final press conference yesterday. And she said - I never look back, we always look forward. And there are questions as to whether you believe that. I mean - You have to be sort of be a bit regretful - and  looking back to see if there are things the Democrats could have done differently to prevent this from happening."

Members of the House AND Senate will be sworn in later today - and Speaker Elect John Boehner will formally be voted in as Speaker of the House.

Fox News Radio will be anchoring the Swearing in of Speaker Elect Boehner - later today - around 2PM ET.

First order of business for the new Congress - reading the Constitution out loud - and then, next Wednesday, a vote to repeal President Obama's Healthcare overhaul.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.