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The new GOP Controlled Congress convenes tomorrow.

And with that -

"Next week is the planned vote on the repeal of Obamacare - which is expected to be approved by the House. However - the U.S. Senate - which is dominated by the other party still - has said - oh we're not even going to take it up. So it'll be an important vote to show who is on which side. But after that the real political mud wrestling begins - trying to figure out how you can use political leverage to accomplish the objectives. "

That was former Congressman and Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation - Ernest Istook - speaking with Mandy Connell at affiliate WHAS in Louisville, KY.

Republicans also promising to cut spending and prevent the further expansion of Governments role in society.

Buzzing right along...

A new blood test - that can spot a single cancer cell - lurking among billions of healthy ones.

The latest in the fight against Cancer.

"It's basically a strainer - that strains the blood - and cancer cells stick to the antibodies that are targeting it - and it's analyzed by a computer chip and the cancer cells actually glow. They can be removed from the blood - studied under the microscope - genetically analyzed - and you can figure out basically whether the treatment you're getting for your solid tumor if you have cancer is actually working."

That was Fox News Medical Contributor Dr. Marc Siegel - of Kevin Wall at affiliate KCMO in Kansas City, MO.

The good Doctor continued:

"It's going to be a real question - can you screen the blood - and determine who's going to get cancer and who isn't. If that's the case you have a tool of enormous potential here. It's too early to tell, but it's very exciting technology."

The test is now about to get involved a multi center trial at the top cancer institutes in the country.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.