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Republicans - outraged at President Obama's - latest move.

Directly appointing six officials - without the consent of Congress - during the Congressional break.

"But this isn't unusual by any President - is it?"

That question - asked by Tony Cruise - at WHAS Louisville, KY of Fox News Political Analyst, Jeff Birnbaum:

"Oh no. These so-called recess appointments happen virtually every time that Congress goes out of session because of disagreements between the President and members of the Senate in particular. They can't agree on a few appointments and that was the case here."

The most controversial of the Presidents most recent appointments - his appointment for Deputy Attorney General - James Cole.

Cole - has previously expressed feelings that terrorist trials should be handled very much like drug cartel trials - not needing a separate kind of judicial system - and requiring a NON military tribunal sort of trial -- an opinion which is quite different from what most republicans would prefer.

Buzzing right along...

Terrorist Granny?

An Indiana Grandmother - under investigation by authorities - because of possible ties to suspected AND convicted international terrorists.

"She has become suddenly converted to atleast superficially into a belief of this Islamic / jihadist approach to the world."

That was Charlie Allen - 44 year veteran of the CIA and Principal at the Chertoff Group.

The woman - 46 year old Karen Smith - has previously blogged about her granddaughter marrying a suspected German jihadist - and since - has been flying back and forth between the US and Germany - as recently as two weeks ago.

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