[Video] A trip to Times Square!

Drill! As Gas Prices soar above $3.00 a gallon across America, former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister says they're going to go to $5.00 a gallon because the Obama Administration refuses to meet our own demand by Drilling more at home. Gibson examines. Plus: Notice how the Media isn't making a big deal about this, when they did during Bush?

End It! The New York Post and NYC Councilman Dan Halloran are reporting that the miserable attempts to plow Snow during this past weekend's Storm, was on purpose. Halloran claims it was a Job Action by the Public Employee Unionized Workers to protest budget cuts. His source is several plowers and supervisors who admitted it to him. John thinks besides being the cause of soaring debt in States because of their fat pensions, this event is a cautionary tale that says Unions should be banned for Public Employees everywhere. Gibson rules.

Purity! Again this year, several Social Conservative Groups are pulling out of CPAC because CPAC is allowing the Gay Conservative Group, GOPROUD, to attend. Michael Barone, from the Washington Examiner thinks Social Conservatives should get a clue. Gibson speaks out.

Plus: Post Racial Michael Vick Update, 2010 A Year in Liberal Media Bias, Boomerang Parents and Mitt's Healthcare Albatross.