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Baby boomers - should they be afraid - as they enter retirement - that Medicare won't be available to them for the rest of their lives?

What's the real issue behind Medicare issues for people?

"Well the real issue's fear the wave of baby boomers who are going to be retiring - have zero confidence, and I don't blame them - but zero confidence that Medicare is going to be there over the rest of their life because they realize how things are done and there's not enough money in this fund to cover the need. And eventually thats going to have to be dealt with the Government and this first wave of people are just very fearful, and I don't blame them."

That was Financial Advisor Clark Hodges - speaking with Tony Cruise at WHAS in Louisville, KY.

A new poll conducted by the Associated Press and GfK find in a ratio of 2 to 1 - that baby boomers believe they will not have Medicare available to them their entire lives.

Buzzing right along...

Another rise in gas prices?

Projected by an expert in the gas industry - to reach 5 dollars a gallon by 2012?

That projection - made by Former President of Shell Oil - John Hofmeister.

As if the prediction - isn't bad enough.

The disconcerting part - according to Sara Banaszak - Senior Economist for the American Petroleum Institute:

"We're moving backwards on oil production, and there's just no reason for it. So there's an opportunity here to produce the oil we are consuming instead of importing it - and to have those jobs here in the United States. So that's the part that's disconcerting about what he was describing yesterday."

That was Banaszak - speaking with Tom and Lorraine at WECK in Buffalo, NY..

Currently - the average price for a gallon of gas hovers around 2.99 a gallon.

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