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New York City - still cleaning up after a blizzard which crippled the Northeast.

...but it's not just impacting Northeastern Cities...

<Forrest Goodman WREC> :

"Well, lets talk about this that's going on right now here in the US - the blizzard - and its effecting a lot of folks from one of the country to the other. And the latest report I was reading -- there could be some people who were supposed to get home maybe Monday or even Sunday - it could be the New Year before they get home because there's just a backlog the airlines are having to deal with?"

<Dena McDonald> :

"Exactly - It all depends on how long the initial problem lasts. If its a day it usually takes about three to get it sorted out. So if its two or three days it will take maybe up to a week or longer. Last time I checked they canceled over 2500 flights in different cities. It's just a nightmare."

That was Veteran Travel Agent - Dena McDonald - of Tiki Trips - speaking to Forrest Goodman at WREC in Memphis, TN.

Fox's Jeff Monosso spent time yesterday talking to a lot of those stranded travelers... and spoke to our stations about it today, including Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio, TX...

"Yeah - not a good time for a lot of people. But many of them are taking it in stride. And they're saying - hey look - at the end of the day we'll get through this - this is not a good time, but I'd rather not have my blood pressure skyrocketing and just kind of deal with it, and we'll get through with it, and that's that."

For those stranded travelers - a Christmas vacation they will never forget.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.