I received my marching orders on Sunday -- cover the blizzard by covering myself. I was assigned the task of filing reports as I traveled from my apartment, in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, to the Fox News Corner of the World.

Typically, my morning commute is about 20 minutes. Today -- it would take nearly four hours.

Here are some of the reports I filed for the network on my frigid journey.

This is audio of me leaving my apartment. Winds were howling and the snow was still falling. I wanted to cry but I was afraid my eyes would freeze. The time is approximately 4:15 a.m.

After the initial jolt of blinding snow and gale-force winds, I started climbing over a snow drift -- beginning my four-hour, 9-mile  journey to the Fox News Corner of the World.

Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn was a parking lot. Dozens of cars were caught in the blizzard. Those inside were forced to hunker down for eight hours -- riding out the blizzard in their vehicles.

I walked about a mile along Fourth Avenue and then turned left onto Atlantic Avenue -- where I saw someone on cross country skis.

The Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path was buried in about a foot of snow -- making it impassible. I had to back track to the Jay Street Subway station where I caught an F-Train into the city. I resumed my journey on foot at West 4th Street:

The winds were unforgiving. It felt like someone put me in a snow globe and gave it a good shake. Here's one of my final reports I filed as I walked up Sixth Avenue -- in midtown Manhattan.

I arrived at Fox News Radio just after the 8 a.m. newscast -- and immediately embraced a warm cup of coffee -- and dry socks.

It was, in fact, an epic day.