Twoppics, the stories behind the hottest topics on Twitter...

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas

And Twitter's being taken over by holiday tweets

Trends are full of holiday cheer

Except for the one about Rex Ryan and feet.


Trees are taking a backseat

As Tweeps celebrate today around a pole

Because the 23rd is Festivus

So grievances come before jolly Ho Ho Ho's


It'll be the feats of strength and festivus dinner

Before moving on to 'ol Kris Kringle

@tomfoodlery is leaving work at 1...

It's a Festivus miracle!


Of course, Festivus isn't

The biggest holiday to be celebrated this time of the year

Festivus doesn't have presents,

Sleigh Bells or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


So get ready for the big man

To come down your chimney in his bright red suit

"Christmas Eve Eve" is trending

And @LMDershem thinks that's cute.


Ohio State football is on

the naughty list, they're getting a lump of coal.

Because of three players,

they're starting next year in a hole.


Star quarterback Terrelle Pryor

Is being suspended for 5 games

He's broken the rules,

He got caught up in his fame.


He sold rings and got free tattoos

Which is an NCAA no-no

And the Twitter-verse thinks this seals the deal

He's gonna enter the NFL draft, he's gonna go pro


College football fans are taking to Twitter

And many of them are full of hate

@Ben_Jones88 tweets

"Terrelle Pryor is an idiot. I don't have to elaborate."


And that's your hot Twoppics

On this very merry day before Christmas Eve

But let's not let this Christmas

Be about the gifts you give and receive


'Twas the Twoppics before Christmas

And the message we all want to send

Isn't about following us on Twitter

Or going on Facebook and being our friend


It's about a weekend full of love

And happiness and cheer

And spending your Christmas

With the ones you hold most dear


I'm @ChrisHoenigFNR

And allow me to end this right...

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night