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Don't ask, don't tell.


<Kevin Miller KIDO Boise ID> "Looks like the President is about to sign the repeal on Wednesday. Will this be a big event? Is this cause for celebration in the beltway?"

<Alex Bolton> "It certainly is for Democrats and President Obama. This is Obama's second major victory for the lame duck session - and it looks like he's going to get a third one - the Senate is expected to ratify the new START nuclear arms treaty - and so that would give Obama three victories - "Don't ask, don't tell" repeal, and also the massive tax package and unemployment benefits package that he agreed to with Senate Republicans earlier this month."

Alex Bolton - Senior Staff Writer for The Hill newspaper - speaking with Kevin Miller at KIDO in Boise Idaho.

As Alex mentioned - the President - expected to sign the repeal of the militarys "Don't ask, don't tell" policy - tomorrow.

Buzzing right along...

As the holidays approach - the FBI issuing a bulletin - On Al qaeda possibly planning attacks to coincide with the holidays.In the UK - the arrest of twelve men - prompted by suspicion that they were planning an Al qaeda inspired attack involving explosives.

Are we any safer?

Former Covert Operations CIA Officer Mike Baker - thinks we are:

 "We are by virtue of making the enemy have to adjust or think or plan or look at our security differently - we are safer. There are certain parts here to our security that are absolutely better than they were before 911 - and continue to improve. Now - the problem that we're facing as you pointed out - we're dealing with an enemy - muslim extremists around the world - who are well motivated, patient and don't really require a great deal of resources to  try to carry out their operations."

That was Baker - speaking to Tom Marr at affiliate WCBM in Baltimore.

The FBI and Homeland Security have alerted State and Local law enforcement to be wary of suspicious behavior - especially over the holidays.  

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