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Don't ask, don't tell.

The repeal approved over the weeekend.

And now about to be signed.

A great number of concerns being voiced from military members currently serving.

"I was actually going through - the - this document that the Defense Department released back in November. November 30th. That talked about some of the concerns that soldiers had - and on page 141 of this document was the most striking thing for me - which apparenlty is the big issue for troops - and that is whether or not troops would have to shower and share bathroom facilities with someone who may be gay or lesbian. And according to this document - the recommendation from the Defense Department was that absolutely unequivocally straight soldiers must shower with gay soldiers and to do otherwise would be detrimental to the military."

That was FOX's Todd Starnes who spent some time earlier with Chris Baker at KTLK in Minneapolis.

We'll have to keep an eye on this hot story - to see where it buzzes to next...

Buzzing on to the next big thing....

Holiday travel is on the rise - as Christmas approaches.

As we saw last month - tsa rolling out new improved security measures - including full body scanners and invasive pat downs.

Has the security at airports really improved?

"You know - security is no better. And it won't get any better until they profile. And that's the number one problem with the system is that they will not profile and it's because it's a political hot potato and they don't want to handle it."

That was Denny Kelly - a former pilot and aviation investigator who spent some time with al at 600 KCOL in Colorado.

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