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President Obama's Tax Cut Compromise - becomes the law of the land.

The bill - passing its final hurdle in the House - late last night.

Fox News Radio's Jeff Birnbaum spent some time this morning with Rich Jones at WOKV in Jacksonville, FL:

<RICH JONES - WOKV> "This was the first compromise - in gosh - a long time between the Republicans and Democrats. Is this a sign of more compromises to come, Jeff?"

<JEFF BIRNBAUM> "I think so. I think the President really doesn't have much choice but to compromise more often - though he really didn't need to - I guess - at this particular junction - because the House does not officially turn into a Republican majority until after the turn of the year. But nonetheless I think he's signaling he's eager to work with Republicans."

The bill - extends the Bush era tax cuts, being signed by the President at a big ceremony.

Buzzing right along...

The President yesterday - announcing that the U.S. will start withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan in July - as promised.

Are we headed in the right direction by withdrawing troops?

That question asked of Marvin Weinbaum - Scholar in Residence at the Middle East Institute, by Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego, CA.

His answer?

"I anticipate - and I believe most people here in Washington do - that that draw down - will be a token one."

The President - declaring significant progress in both combating the Taliban and disrupting al-Qaida.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your talk radio buzz - from Fox News Radio.