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Several days ago the buzz touched on the idea of terrorist organizations recruiting and organizing through Facebook and other social media sites...

Well - NOW - Youtube - is becoming a national security issue.

Those charges - made by the Middle East Media Research Institute - saying that the video sharing website - has emerged as "the leading website for online jihad".

"What they're doing - is they're uploading - I mean the case we're talking about now - is they're uploading these videos to Youtube. So the only way to block that would be to block Youtube, which - you know - I don't think America's going to want to be the country that shuts down Youtube."

That was Paul Rosenzweig - Adjunct Professor of Cyber Security at George Washington University School of Law - speaking with Al Malmberg at KCOL in Fort Collins, CO...

According to Rosenzweig - well - the videos:

"Sometimes they're just video of Jihadi's doing successful things - like exploding an IED in Iraq and killing an American. Sometimes they're lectures from Jihadi agitators urging people to go out and smite the great west Satan."

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute - the volume of Jihadist videos on Youtube replaces AND surpasses websites that Jihadists themselves are running!

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