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President Obama's Health Care reform overhaul - dealt a major setback yesterday.

A Federal Judge in Virginia - ruling that a huge part of the new law - is unconstitutional.

"A big part of the health care reform plan - that idea - that law that would have forced nearly every American to have health insurance whether they wanted it or not - and if you refused to get it - you could - quite frankly be in violation of a crime facing either penalties or possibly jail time."

Fox's Todd Starnes - speaking with Chris Baker at KTLK in Minneapolis, MN.

Judge Henry Hudson - ruling that the State's claim - that the requirement that people MUST purchase health care goes beyond the power of Congress under either the Constitution's Commerce Clause, or the General Welfare Clause.

Buzzing from Minneapolis, all the way down to Atlanta, where Fox News Radio's White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz spent some time this morning with Rob Johnson at WGST...  who wanted to know - How's the White House reacting to all of this?

"Well, the Administration says it's still confident that in the end the Courts are still going to rule that their scheme - is Constitutional. The reason being - is they say this is just the third decisions that have come out so far -and the two previous ones held that it was Constitutional. Now what the administration feels is that when the 20 or so cases against this health care reform work their way thru the courts - the preponderance will be in their favor -  and - you know - it's going to be the Supreme Court that decides this - and they say they're confident it'll be in their favor..."

We'll have to wait and see - as this hot button issue - works its way up to the Supreme Court.

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